Anil Dental

At Anil Dental, we understand the unique and delicate needs of children when it comes to dental care. Our Child Dentistry services are tailored to create a comfortable, friendly, and educational environment, ensuring that your child’s dental health is in safe and caring hands. With a focus on preventive care and addressing specialized dental requirements for children, our skilled professionals make every visit enjoyable and stress-free for your little ones.

When is Child Dentistry Required?

Child Dentistry is essential for children of all ages. It should start as soon as their first tooth appears and continue throughout their formative years. Regular check-ups and preventive care can help in identifying and addressing any issues before they become more significant problems.

Benefits of Child Dentistry

  • Early Problem Detection

    Identifying issues before they become major problems.

  • Establishing Good Oral Habits

    Teaching children to care for their teeth early.

  • Reduced Dental Anxiety

    Creating a positive experience for future visits.

  • Preventing Future Dental Issues

    Minimising the need for extensive treatments.

  • Customized Care

    Tailoring dental care for a child’s specific needs.

  • Overall Health Improvement

    Maintaining oral health contributes to general well-being.


When should my child's first dental visit be?
It’s recommended that your child’s first dental visit should occur within six months of their first tooth coming in or by their first birthday.
Do you offer sedation for anxious children?
Yes, we offer various sedation options to help children relax during dental procedures. Our team will discuss the best approach for your child.
Are baby teeth essential?
Yes, baby teeth are essential for speech development, chewing, and guiding permanent teeth into their proper positions.
What can I do to prepare my child for their dental visit?
You can prepare your child by talking to them positively about the visit and explaining that it’s a fun experience.